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The Northern Territory’s primary industries and resources drive economic growth

The Department of Primary Industry and Resources is a Northern Territory Government public sector department created in September 2016 to provide long-term economic and community benefits to the Northern Territory. It does this by facilitating investment in the sustainable development of the Northern Territory’s lands, coastal areas, agriculture, minerals and energy resources, and by encouraging our people to use their skills and innovation to achieve best practice in the safest way.

The department brings together many of the key functions that drive economic development on Northern Territory lands, coastal areas and inland waterways, and represents a significant component of the Northern Territory economy.

The department operates a range of facilities including research farms, stations, scientific precincts and offices in different climatic zones throughout the Territory.

Staff work across varied professions to stimulate the development of plant and animal-based agriculture, commercial (wild-caught and aquaculture), recreational and tourism fishing, and mining and energy-based industries to meet government objectives.

The department has regulatory responsibilities for food safety, animal welfare, agricultural and veterinary chemicals, administration of minerals and energy tenure, regulation of mineral and energy projects, and the capture and assessment of the geology of the Northern Territory.

The department aims to enhance the economic sustainability of the Territory through contemporary biosecurity regulation to enhance and sustain market access and give consumers confidence in the safety of our primary produce. There is also a significant role in providing access and protection to the marine estate for the long-term future of recreational and commercial activities.

The activities of the department are underpinned by skilled staff in project management, administration, regulation and compliance, finance, procurement, property, information and communication technology, records, media, strategic communication and human resource management. The Northern Territory Public Sector core values guide how the department delivers services to Territorians and how we are expected to perform our duties.

Our stakeholders include those involved in the industries that we serve and, importantly, also includes the general community, recreational fishers, the tourism industry and others who are touched by our operations. We have an important role in the fabric of the Northern Territory’s society.

Our role is to work with all stakeholders to enable sustainable growth and development.

In doing this we aim to:

  • support Aboriginal and regionally-based business to provide economic and employment opportunities
  • ensure the Northern Territory optimises benefits from its agriculture, fisheries, minerals and energy sectors
  • capitalise on opportunities arising through the Developing Northern Australia agenda to achieve real results for the Northern Territory.

Last updated: 20 September 2019

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