Citrus Canker Reporting Form

Do you suspect Citrus Canker on your property?

The Department of Primary Industry and Resources is urging the public to check their citrus plants for the suspected Citrus Canker disease.

Early detection, reporting and not moving infected plants is vital, and will give the department the best chance of eradicating this disease.

Plants that were purchased over the past 12 months are of particular concern.

We are currently asking all Territorians with citrus plants to please urgently check them for symptoms, not to move the plants and to contact the department if you think it may be infected with the disease.

If you think you have a plant with citrus canker, or if you have recently bought citrus plants from a Darwin or Palmerston retail nursery, please contact the citrus canker hotline on 1800 931 722 or report via the form below.

You should not collect a sample or move the suspect plant.

Biosecurity is everyone’s business and we need to work together to manage the risk and eradicate citrus canker. Government and industry are taking this extremely seriously and are working together to manage this situation.

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Do you give permission for surveillance staff to enter your property to check your plants.

If you answered yes, please provide information on issues that may hinder access to your property (ie Dogs, locks etc)

Last updated: 06 June 2018