Fisheries strategies, projects and research

Aboriginal aquaculture

Darwin Aquaculture Centre is working with Indigenous people to trial sea cucumbers, giant clams and tropical rock oysters.

Aquaculture research and development

Aquaculture research and development, licensing, sea cucumbers, sponges, reef fish, prawns, crayfish, mud crabs, cherabin, microalgae.

Aquatic pest eradications

Programs for the eradication of black striped mussels, platies, jewel cichlids and mosquito fish.

Artificial reef and fish aggregating devices

The Northern Territory Government is investing $50 million over five years to improve recreational fishing opportunities.

Electrofishing survey

Survey of fish populations in freshwater including Durack Lakes in Palmerston.

Fisheries research

NT and national fish stock stock reports and status reports.

Fisheries resource sharing framework

Sharing NT fisheries resources, purpose of the framework, development and future management decisions.

Harvest strategy policy and guidelines

Harvest strategies represent a best-practice approach to operational fisheries management and have been widely adopted nationally and internationally.

Indigenous fishing

Customary fisheries management, Aboriginal coastal licences, Indigenous Community Marine Ranger Program.

Management arrangements for the Northern Territory offshore net and line fishery

A comprehensive new Management Framework and Associated Harvest Strategy for the Offshore Net and Line Fishery is now in effect.

Recreational fishing development plan

Key strategic issues facing recreational fishing, strategies and actions to ensure quality of fisheries and recreational fishing.

Recreational fishing surveys

Northern Territory residents are being invited to participate in the Territory wide 2018-19 recreational fishing survey to help improve the quality of recreational fishing.