Accessing NT datasets

Using the Download Wizard, STRIKE allows users to download subsets of visible datasets for an area of interest that is displayed on the map. By right clicking on the layer name, users can also review metadata about that layer.

The STRIKE Downloads pages list datasets available to download which cover the entire Northern Territory. Users can download MapInfo Table (.tab), Google KML (.kml) and ESRI Shape (.shp) versions. A link to the layer’s metadata is also provided.

The NT Wide Datasets are available for download in their associated layer groups. Where the dataset is large file or contains many records, it has been separated out into it’s own downloadable zip files. Geophysical magnetic surveys are one example.

The table name and structure for the NT Wide datasets are the same as the clipped datasets downloaded through STRIKE and through the dissemination schema (See below)

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Last updated: 16 May 2018