The Spatial Territory Resource Information Kit for Exploration (STRIKE) is the department's web-mapping application for geoscientific data and minerals and energy tenure information in the NT for both industry and government users.

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This guide provides information on how to use STRIKE, how to access WMS services and NT wide datasets.

Latest STRIKE updates

02 September 2019


  • Added Petroleum Proposed Reserves layer
  • NT Bores (DENR) layer has become two layers
    • Bores  – current
    • Bores  – historical
  • Removed NTGS projects layer


  • Downloads of the NT wide datasets are now  available on the downloads tab within STRIKE.
  • Individual download files are available for the  geoscience layers as well as the group downloads.


  • Upload tool added – upload Shapefile (SHP), Comma Separated (CSV) and Google Earth (KML) files to STRIKE.

Layers / Searching

  • Added search fields to Petroleum Wells.
  • Added search and advanced search to Products.


  • Link to individual metadata records for National  Native Title Tribunal layers.


  • Updated the layout of the A4 portrait print.


  • Applied https to the Feedback link.
  • Added a direct link to Downloads page.
  • Updated the Copyright link.


  • Added zoom extent to Native Title Tribunal Map layers.
  • Removed records with Status of ‘Care and Maintenance’ and ‘Feasibility’ from Mineral Occurrence layer – see Mines layer.
  • Updated percentage rounding for holders of Petroleum Titles.
  • Updated unknown Mineral Title Type Codes.
  • Updated heading for Natural Resources layers.
  • Amended display of Water Management Areas to Water Control Districts.


  • Link to Diamond Indicator Mineral metadata updated.


  • Fixed an issue with the Murphy Province and Lawn Hill Province not displaying correctly on the Geological Regions 2.5M layer.


  • Added or improved searches for 13 layers.
  • Added or improved Advanced Searches for 18 layers.
  • Moved the Cadastre layer up one level in the grouping to make it easier to find.


  • Diamond layers added as separate download.
  • Diamond samples now included in downloads.


  • Other mineral titles – title type code dropdown list fixed.
  • Titles register – search clue added to all titles layers.
  • Cadastre layer – missing polygon issue fixed.
  • NTGS projects – project name attribute field fixed.
  • Geophysical strings – display of attribute fields modified.


  • Metadata for industry reports added.
  • Metadata for petroleum wells added.
  • Metadata for historical mineral titles added.

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Last updated: 11 March 2020

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