Abstract volumes for AGES events held from 2000 to 2017 are available from the Northern Territory Geological Survey's product catalogue.

AGES 2018

The following presentations from AGES 2018 are available for download.

Ian Scrimgeour NTGS Highlights of mineral and petroleum exploration and production in 2017 (4.5 mb)
Owen Greenberger Kirkland Lake Gold Discovery of the Lantern Deposit, the next chapter for the Pine Creek gold province (5.1 mb)
Dot Close NTGS Integrated precompetitive geoscience transforming understanding of Northern Territory geology (4.5 mb)
Tracey Rogers NTGS Geoscience Information and delivery in 2017-18 (6.2 mb)
Adam Thompson Northern Land Council Positive Traditional Owner Engagement – A case study from West Arnhem Land (3.8 mb)
Tania Dhu NTGS Overview of new geophysical resources in the Northern Territory (15.8 mb)
Karen Connors  Frogtech Geoscience Secrets from the deep: greater McArthur Basin SEEBASE study helps unravel evolution of the basin and its underlying basement (40.7 mb)
Alan Collins University of  Adelaide Orogens to oil: Government-Industry-Academia Collaboration to better understand the greater McArthur Basin (34.7 mb)
Paul Henson Geoscience Australia Exploring for the Future - Discovering the South Nicholson Basin region with new seismic data (19.0 mb)
Richard Blewett Geoscience Australia Exploring (for) the Future opportunities beneath the Tennant Creek–Mt Isa (TISA) region (20.9 mb)
Teagan Blaikie CSIRO Understanding the architecture of the Batten Fault Zone from the regional to sub-basin scale. Insights from geophysical interpretation and modelling (15.4 mb)
Marcus Kunzman CSIRO Sedimentology and carbon isotope chemostratigraphy of the Glyde sub-basin, McArthur Basin: Implications for base metals exploration  (3.5 mb)
Heather Sheldon CSIRO Investigating controls on mineralisation in the Batten Fault Zone using numerical models (10.1 mb)
David Rawlings/Greg Swain Northern Cobalt Ltd Northern Cobalt’s Wollogorang Cobalt Project, Northern Territory: Geological setting and exploration (18.8 mb)
Ben Scambary AAPA Protecting sacred sites in the Northern Territory
Will Dix Todd River Resources Ltd The use of SkyTEM as a tool in the McArthur Basin (5.2 mb)
Matt McGloin NTGS Basin–basement contacts as base metal exploration targets: evidence for mineralising basin brines in central Australia (4.3 mb)
Anett Weishet NTGS Developing new 1:500 000 interpreted geology maps for the Amadeus Basin, Northern Territory: insights into the structural evolution of the fold-and-thrust belt (29.8 mb)
Sandy Menpes Santos Exploring the southern Amadeus Basin with 2D Seismic (16.3 mb)
Phil Plummer Independent Consultant Seismic shift in regional Neoproterozoic correlation, Amadeus Basin, central Australia (8.5 mb)
Verity Normington NTGS Neoproterozoic stratigraphic revisions to key drillholes in the Amadeus Basin – implications for basin paleogeography and petroleum and mineral potential (12.2 mb)
Joe Lori Doe Run Australia The Browns polymetallic sulfide deposit, Northern Territory, Australia (7.2 mb)
Belinda Smith NTGS Mineralogy variations in the Mamadawerre Sandstone, Kombolgie Subgroup at Angularli Uranium Prospect: Applications to exploration in other areas. (9.3 mb)
Leon Griesel Newmont Mining Corp Tanami Operations, Callie mine: Multiple new discoveries supporting transformational growth in a mature mining camp (2.5 mb)
Matt Briggs ABM Resources NL Tanami Region -Unlocking the Discovery Potential (10.3 mb)
Susanne SchmidCSIROGeochemical classification of the Tanami Group (3.6 mb)

AGES 2017

The Annual Geoscience Exploration Seminar 2017 was held on March 28 and 29.


The following presentations from AGES 2017 are available for download.

Ian Scrimgeour NTGS Overview of mineral and petroleum exploration and production in 2016
Rob Bills Emmerson Resources Ltd The discovery of the Edna Beryl deposit – a journey with a destination!
Dorothy Close NTGS Regional geoscience and resource potential programs under the CORE initiative
Matt Briggs ABM Resources NL Discovery of the Seuss Fault in the Suplejack Project
Richard Blewett Geoscience Australia Exploring for the Future: a new initiative to unlock Northern Australia’s minerals, energy and group
Tracey Rogers NTGS Six things that you need to know about geoscience information and delivery in 2016–17
Tania Dhu NTGS Geophysical data in the Northern Territory: recently acquired government and industry data
Barry Reno NTGS Proterozoic tectonothermal evolution of the northeastern sector of the Aileron Province
Matt McGloin NTGS The significance of metaexhalites, seafloor alteration and retrograde processes for metamorphosed mineral deposits: examples of distinct alteration styles from the Aileron Province
Eloise Beyer NTGS Metasomatism in the Mesoproterozoic – evidence for a regional fluid event in the central Aileron Province
David Huston Geoscience Australia The Nolans rare earth element-phosphorus-uranium mineral system: formation and modification over 1800 million years
Keith Mayes KGL Resources The Rockface copper discovery at Jervois
David Rawlings CORE Exploration Ltd Lithium-rich pegmatites of the Bynoe Field
Jo Whelan NTGS The geological evolution of the Arnhem Province: implications for craton-scale correlations
Penny Sinclair Cameco Australia Termitaria sampling in uranium exploration: refining an old technique
Toby Davis Impel Geoscience Pty Ltd

The role of refolding on the localisation of gold mineralisation at Woolwonga

Andy Bennett PNX Metals Ltd Project development, resource growth and exploration for polymetallic mineralisation in the Pine Creek Orogen
Nigel Donnellan NTGS Towards a revised stratigraphy for the Neoproterozoic and probable early Cambrian in the central Amadeus Basin, Northern Territory
Daniel Revie NTGS Volumetric resource assessment of the lower Kyalla and middle Velkerri formations of the McArthur Basin
David Close Origin Proterozoic shale gas plays in the Beetaloo Basin and the Amungee NW-1H discovery
Rhodri Johns Santos Depositional setting and stratigraphic architecture of the Roper Group (McArthur Basin): insights from a sedimentological analysis of core and well data
Belinda Smith NTGS Are spatial mineralogical variations in the Bessie Creek Sandstone, McArthur Basin, evidence for variable provenance, diagenesis or hydrothermal alteration?
Tim Munday CSIRO Geological constraints on the interpretation of AEM in the McArthur Basin, Northern Territory
Teagan Blaikie CSIRO/NTGS Towards an improved understanding of the 3D structural architecture of the greater McArthur Basin through geophysical interpretation and modelling
Marcus Kunzmann CSIRO/NTGS Sedimentological and biogeochemical controls on sediment-hosted base metal deposits in the McArthur Basin
Garry Davidson University of Tasmania Controls on copper mineralising processes in the central McArthur Basin, NT: a progress report on the Coppermine Creek Prospect
Ian Scrimgeour NTGS Closing

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