AGES 2018 Abstracts

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Day 1 - Monday 19 March 2018

1400-1600 Joint NTGS/Frogtech Geoscience greater McArthur Basin Geological workshop
1530-1730 Streamlining Exploration Approvals: Future Mining Management Plan Requirements
1630-1930 Registration and ice breaker

DAY 2 - Tuesday 20 March 2018

800-830 Registration   
830-840 Welcome to Country   
840-850 Minister Ken Vowles NT Government Official Opening
Session 1
850-920 Ian Scrimgeour NTGS Highlights of mineral and petroleum exploration and production in 2017
920-940 Owen Greenberger Kirkland Lake Gold Discovery of the Lantern Deposit, the next chapter for the Pine Creek gold province
940-1000 Dot Close NTGS Intergrated precompetative geoscience transforming understanding of Northern Territory geology
1000-1040 Morning Tea   
Session 2
1040-1100 Tracey Rogers NTGS Geoscience Information and delivery in 2017-18
1100-1120 Adam Thompson Northern Land Council Positive Traditional Owner Engagement – A case study from West Arnhem Land
1120-1140 Tania Dhu NTGS Overview of new geophysical resources in the Northern Territory
1140-1200 Karen Connors  Frogtech Geoscience Secrets from the deep: greater McArthur Basin SEEBASE study helps unravel evolution of the basin and its underlying basement
1200-1320 Lunch   
Session 3
1320-1340 Elizabeth Baruch Jurado Origin The Kyalla Formation prospectivity from a mineralogical and sedimentological perspective
1340-1400 Alan Collins University of  Adelaide Orogens to oil: Government-Industry-Academia Collaboration to better understand the greater McArthur Basin
1400-1420 Paul Henson Geoscience Australia Exploring for the Future - Discovering the South Nicholson Basin region with new seismic data
1420-1440 Richard Blewett Geoscience Australia Exploring (for) the Future opportunities beneath the Tennant Creek–Mt Isa (TISA) region
1440-1510 Afternoon tea   
Session 4
1510-1530 Teagan Blaikie CSIRO Understanding the architecture of the Batten Fault Zone from the regional to sub-basin scale. Insights from geophysical interpretation and modelling
1530-1550 Marcus Kunzman CSIRO Sedimentology and carbon isotope chemostratigraphy of the Glyde sub-basin, McArthur Basin: Implications for base metals exploration 
1550-1610 Heather Sheldon CSIRO Investigating controls on mineralisation in the Batten Fault Zone using numerical models
1610-1630 David Rawlings/Greg Swain Northern Cobalt Ltd Northern Cobalt’s Wollogorang Cobalt Project, Northern Territory: Geological setting and exploration
1630-1720 Sundowner drinks   
1830-1900 Pre-dinner drinks   
AGES    Official Dinner
1900-late Dinner speaker: Warren Pearce CEO AMEC  

Day 3 - Wednesday 21 March

Session 1
900-920 Ben Scambary AAPA Protecting sacred sites in the Northern Territory
920-940 Will Dix Todd River Resources Ltd The use of SkyTEM as a tool in the McArthur Basin
940-1000 Matt McGloin NTGS Basin–basement contacts as base metal exploration targets: evidence for mineralising basin brines in central Australia
1000-1040 Morning tea   
Session 2
1040-1100 Anett Weishet NTGS Developing new 1:500 000 interpreted geology maps for the Amadeus Basin, Northern Territory: insights into the structural evolution of the fold-and-thrust belt
1100-1120 Sandy Menpes Santos Exploring the southern Amadeus Basin with 2D Seismic
1120-1140 Phil Plummer Independent Consultant Seismic shift in regional Neoproterozoic correlation, Amadeus Basin, central Australia
1140-1200 Verity Normington NTGS Neoproterozoic stratigraphic revisions to key drillholes in the Amadeus Basin – implications for basin paleogeography and petroleum and mineral potential
1200-1300 Lunch   
Session 3
1300-1320 Joe Lori Doe Run Australia The Browns polymetallic sulfide deposit, Northern Territory, Australia
1320-1340 Belinda Smith NTGS Mineralogy variations in the Mamadawerre Sandstone, Kombolgie Subgroup at Angularli Uranium Prospect: Applications to exploration in other areas.
1340-1400 Leon Griesel Newmont Mining Corp Tanami Operations, Callie mine: Multiple new discoveries supporting transformational growth in a mature mining camp
1400-1430 Matt Briggs/Susanne Schmid  ABM Resources NL/CSIRO Geochemical classification of the Tanami Group – a tool for gold exploration
1430-1440 Ian Scrimgeour NTGS Closing remarks

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