Geophysics and Drilling Collaborations


The Geophysics and Drilling Collaborations Program forms part of the Creating Opportunities for Resource Exploration (CORE) initiative and aims to increase the intensity of exploration drilling and geophysical data in greenfields areas of the Northern Territory.

The program provides co-funding assistance of 50% of the program cost up to $100 000 inclusive of GST to successful applicants for selected exploration drilling and geophysical acquisition projects in areas where there is a paucity of geological information.

Projects that seek to use innovative exploration tools or to obtain geological information at depth are encouraged to apply. Applications that use integrated or new technologies that test a clear, targeted geological problem may be considered for smaller prospect-scale programs.

Information gained from collaborative projects will be released to the public six months after the completion of field work to encourage further exploration.

Round 10 drilling projects



Project Name

MMG Limited


Nhumby Nhumby

Teck Australia Pty Ltd


Yalco Project

Pacifico Minerals


Mariner Exploration

Pacifico Minerals


Coppermine Creek Exploration

Pacifico Minerals


Berjaya Exploration

Round 10 geophysics projects



Project Name

Independence Group NL

ELA29747, ELA29748, ELA31234, ELA25146

Lake Mackay Western Contact

Independence Group NL

EL24915, ELA30729, ELA30730, ELA30731, ELA30739

Lake Mackay Eastern Contact

Gempart NT

EL27581, EL31531

Docker Copper

Emmerson Resources

EL27292, EL27372

Rover Field 3D IP

Bowgan Minerals Limited


Jervois Project

View round 10 map (579.7 kb)


Round 10 Timetable

13 February 2017

Call for applications.

8 May 2017

Close of applications.

May 2017

Assessment of applications by the panel. Successful applicants announced.

June 2017

Funding agreement (contract) negotiated with successful applicants.

1 December 2017

Completion of all field work.

30 June 2018

Funding agreement ends.

Guidelines and templates

Round 10 guidelines (105.5 kb)Round 10 guidelines (94.5 kb)
-Proposal cover sheet (172.1 kb)
Application template (117.7 kb)-
Drilling assessment criteria (135.5 kb)-
Geophysics assessment criteria (135.7 kb)-
-Final report template (65.4 kb)
Geological sample submission form (41.3 kb)Geological sample submission form  (56.9 kb)
Geological sample submission procedure (162.1 kb)Geological sample submission procedure (3.5 mb)
Collaboration reporting guidelines (127.6 kb)-
Guideline 7 reporting on mineral titles (400.2 kb)Guideline 7 reporting on mineral titles (205.7 kb)


Kate Mornane
Ph: +61 8 8999 5424

Successful projects in previous rounds

Map of successful projects with links to collaboration reports and data

Useful resources

For more information on mineral and petroleum titles go to mines and energy on the Northern Territory Government website.

Last updated: 27 March 2018