Geophysics and Drilling Collaborations

Applications to Round 12 of the Geophysics and Drilling Collaborations program have been assessed and the following projects have been successful in being offered co-funding. The programs will commence and be completed within the 2019 financial year. Upon completion of the projects, a report on the work undertaken will be submitted to the NT Geological Survey. The report and data will become publicly accessible six months from the completion of the field work.


Round 12 map PDF (798.4 KB)

Diamond Drilling

Applicant Tenement Project Name
Primary Gold Pty Ltd EL30809 RNA11 Prospect
Vimy Resources Pty Ltd EL5893 Wellington Range and King River Joint Venture
DevEx Resources Limited EL10176 U40 Project
DevEx Resources Limited MLN962 Nabarlek Project
Newcrest Mining Limited EL26590 Dune Southwest
Newcrest Mining Limited EL26613 Anomaly 16
Prodigy Gold NL EL9250 Suplejack Fault

Reverse Circulation Drilling

Applicant Tenement Project Name
Independence Group NL EL31234, EL30731, EL30729, EL30730, EL30733, EL30739, EL30740 Remote target drilling, Lake Mackay Project


Applicant Tenement Project Name
Independence Group NL ELA30116, ELA30117, ELA31857, ELA31858, ELA31859, ELA31860 Raptor Project: Willowra Gravity Ridge-West
Emmerson Resources Limited EL28761, EL27537, MLC53-C54, MLC138, MLC37, MLC576-C577, MLC142-C143 SAM Survey Tennant Creek
Prodigy Gold NL EL29860, EL31291, EL26628 Mapping Stratigraphy through close spaced Ground Gravity
Asian Minerals Pty Ltd EL23602, EL23603, EL23780, EL31757, EL31758, EL31759 East Tanami AEM Survey
Northern Star Resources Limited EL26286, EL24174, EL29592 Brown's Dome Investigation

The Geophysics and Drilling Collaborations Program forms part of the Resourcing the Territory initiative and aims to increase the intensity of exploration drilling and geophysical data in greenfield areas of the Northern Territory (NT).

The program provides co-funding assistance of 50% of the program cost up to $125 000 inclusive of GST to successful applicants for selected exploration diamond drilling programs and up to $100 000 inclusive of GST for selected exploration reverse-circulation (RC) drilling and geophysical acquisition projects in areas where there is a paucity of geological information.

Projects that seek to use innovative exploration tools or to obtain geological information at depth are encouraged to apply. Applications that use integrated or new technologies that test a clear, targeted geological problem may be considered for smaller prospect-scale programs.

RC drilling will be considered in pure greenfield areas where evidence can be provided that no other drilling has been conducted in the area and a completely untested geological model is being investigated.

An additional $10 000 (inc GST) of funding will be offered to engage NT enterprises to complete works in the NT. The Territory Supplier Incentive comprises up to $10 000 (inclusive of GST) of co-funding per project, which must be spent exclusively on local service and supply. This can include 50% of the cost of:

  • up to $20 000 worth of additional drilling (including mobilisation/demobilisation/standby) if an NT enterprise is undertaking the program
  • cost of geochemical analysis (both preparation and analysis) using a laboratory based in the NT
  • drilling of water bores to support drilling, and/or water haulage by NT enterprises
  • earthworks, track construction and/or equipment hire from NT enterprises.

An NT Enterprise should be registered with the Industry Capability Network Northern Territory to be considered for the incentive.

See Round 12 guidelines PDF (335.7 KB) for full details.

Information gained from collaborative projects will be released to the public six months after the completion of field work to encourage further exploration.

Round 11 Timetable
6 March 2019 Call for applications.
5:00pm ACST,
Monday 15 April 2019
Close of applications.
May 2019 Assessment of applications by the panel. Successful applicants announced.
June 2019 Funding agreement (contract) negotiated with successful applicants.
1 December 2019 Completion of all field work.
30 June 2020 Funding agreement ends.

Round 12 guidelines PDF PDF (335.7 KB)DOCX DOCX (416.8 KB)
Proposal cover sheet PDF PDF (135.1 KB)DOCX DOCX (166.1 KB)
Project application template PDF PDF (180.1 KB)DOCX DOCX (173.1 KB)
Diamond drilling assessment criteria PDF PDF (124.5 KB)DOCX DOCX (165.7 KB)
Reverse-circulation drilling assessment criteria PDF PDF (124.9 KB)DOCX DOCX (165.8 KB)
Geophysics assessment criteria PDF PDF (123.7 KB)DOCX DOCX (165.7 KB)
Claimable costs template PDF PDF (83.6 KB)XLSX XLSX (28.3 KB)
Final report template PDF PDF (134.5 KB)DOCX DOCX (166.3 KB)
Summary final reporting and data format requirements PDF PDF (232.4 KB)DOCX DOCX (171.6 KB)
Geological sample submission form PDF PDF (41.3 KB)DOCX DOCX (56.9 KB)
Geological sample submission procedure PDF PDF (162.1 KB)DOCX DOCX (3.5 MB)
Guideline 7 reporting on mineral titles PDF PDF (275.3 KB)DOCX  DOCX (437.6 KB)

Kate Mornane
Collaborations Officer
Phone: +61 8 8999 5424

For more information on mineral and petroleum titles go to mines and energy on the NT Government website.

Last updated: 27 September 2019


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