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Jervois mineral system study

A regional mineral prospectivity project investigating the mineral potential of the Aileron Province exposed in the eastern Arunta Region.

This area hosts significant copper mineralisation including the Jervois mineral field.

The combined mineral resource at the Jervois deposits represents one of Australia’s largest undeveloped copper projects.

In 2014 Northern Territory Geological Survey (NTGS) work focused on investigating the style, timing and genesis of copper-related mineral systems in the Jervois mineral field and Bonya Hills in Jervois Range.


Project findings include:

  • sediment-hosted, volcanic associated Cu-Pb-Zn massive sulphide mineralisation in the Jervois mineral field is hosted in the Bonya Metamorphics and interpreted as syn-depositional to epigenetic, forming at ca 1785 Ma, synchronous with basin deposition, bimodal magmatism, high-temperature contact metamorphism and deformation
  • in addition, at ca 1785 Ma, nearby orthomagmatic Fe-Ti-V mineralisation with minor Cu enrichment formed, associated with mafic phases of the Attutra Metagabbro
  • later regional high-pressure metamorphism and deformation at ca 1755 Ma resulted in isoclinal folding, re-folding and stretching of the Bonya Metamorphics. This syn-metamorphic deformation led to boudinaged, transposed and sheared host rocks and mineralisation
  • a later regional deformation and metasomatic event at ca 1720 to 1705 Ma provided additional metamorphic/magmatic fluid flow and caused a syn- to post-tectonic remobilisation of the pre-existing mineralisation at Jervois and the formation of secondary, relatively undeformed Cu occurrences
  • in the Bonya Hills and the Jervois mineral field, this later event also created Cu-only and Cu-W-Mo mineralisation not associated with pre-existing base metal mineralisation.

Get a copy of the September 2015 SEG Hobart Poster Abstract PDF (70.2 MB).

McGloin M and Weishett A, 2015: Base metal and tungsten mineralisation in the Jervois mineral field and Bonya Hills: Characterisation, potential genetic models and exploration implications: in ‘Annual Geoscience Explorations Seminar (AGES) 2015. Record of abstracts.’ Northern Territory Geological Survey Record 2015-002

Arunta Region, copper study whole rock geochemistry dataset January 2013–March 2015 ZIP (454.6 KB)

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Last updated: 27 September 2019


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