This site has been established to provide the community with information on developments at the Mount Todd mine site.

The Mount Todd mine site is located approximately 290km (by road) south of Darwin, near Katherine in the Northern Territory. The Edith River runs along the southern boundary of the site.

Exploration and mining for gold, including mineral processing, occurred from 1984 to 2000.

Mining activities ceased in 2000 as the operator wentinto receivership. Because of the sudden nature of the closure, the site was not adequately remediated leaving significant environmental impacts primarily caused by acid rock drainage.

In the absence of an authorised operator, the Northern Territory assumed responsibility for the environmental operations on the site in 2000, including substantial expenditure on site works and installation of critical infrastructure to manage the inventory of poor quality water on site.

In 2006 the Northern Territory Government signed an agreement with Vista Gold Pty Ltd for five + five + two years. The agreement was renewed for the second five year period in early 2011 after Vista presented its Preliminary Feasibility Study.

The agreement indemnifies Vista Gold against liability for pre-existing environmental conditions until they have an approved mining operation. The Northern Territory Government retains liability until then. Under the agreement, Vista Gold became the authorised operator of the site under the Mining Management Act while it investigated the viability of re-opening the mine and has all of the responsibilities for the day to day operation of the site including managing environmental impacts.

There has been a good level of co-operation between the Northern Territory Government  and Vista in managing the site to minimise off site impacts. Vista intend to make a decision about the development of the site in 2013.

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Last updated: 28 November 2017