Edith and Daly River Testing 

In December 2011an extreme rain event caused a train derailment which discharged a large amount of copper concentrate into the Edith River. At the same time there was also an unregulated discharge of retention pond water from the Mt Todd gold mine into the Edith.

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Mount Todd Gold Project

Draft Environmental Impact Statement (14.6 mb)

The Mount Todd Gold Project will involve the development, by conventional open pit mining and processing methods, of a large low-grade gold deposit near Mount Todd, approximately 45 kilometres north-northwest of Katherine, in the Northern Territory (Figure 1). The current status of the project is that of a potentially viable mining operation under intensive investigation. A full feasibility study is planned to be completed by the end of 1992 and will allow the commercial decision to be taken on whether to proceed with development.

The project proponent, Zapopan NL, has prepared this Draft EIS for the project in accordance with the Environment Assessment Act 1982 of the Northern Territory and the Environment Protection (Impact of Proposals) Act 1974 of the Commonwealth EIS guidelines were prepared jointly by the Conservation Commission of the Northern Territory (CCNT) and the Commonwealth Department of the Arts, Sport, the Environment and Territories (DASET).

Close consultation has been maintained over a three year period of EIS preparation with CCNT and other Northern Territory government agencies and, more recently, with DASET. Presentations have been made to key ministers in Darwin and Canberra. Liaison with Aboriginal people has included meetings, their direct participation in surveys to identify sites of Aboriginal cultural significance and archaeological features such as quarries and camp sites, and a presentation to the annual general meeting of the Jawoyn Association. Several meetings have been held with the Northern Territory Environment Centre and the Threatened Species Network. Zapopan has replied to all letters from the general public. [read more (14.6 mb)]

Suppplement to Draft Environmental Impact Statement (8.7 mb)

The proponent of the Mount Todd Gold Project, Zapopan NL (Zapopan), proposes to develop a gold mining and processing operation near Mount Todd, approximately 45 km north-northwest of Katherine in the Northern Territory. The current status of the project is that economic feasibility has been established and the proponent's board of directors has given a commitment to proceed.

On 12 October 1992, Zapopan released a Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) for this project for public review and comment.  Approximately 90 copies of the DEIS were distributed to government agencies, libraries and environmental organisations throughout Australia (Figure 1.1). The DEIS was placed on display and used for public access at each of these locations. As of 10 December 1992, some 65 additional copies had been purchased by the public. When the six-week public review period closed on 23 November 1992, a total of 40 submissions had been received. This Supplement to the DEIS has been prepared in response to those submissions and, together with the DEIS, constitutes the Mount Todd Gold Project Final Environmental impact Statement.

Each submission has been carefully reviewed and considered by the proponent. While Zapopan proposes no major change to the project's layout or conceptual engineering as a result of the submissions, a number of changes to the project's environmental management are proposed and described herein in response to constructive suggestions made in the submissions on the DEIS. [read more (14.6 mb)]

Mount Todd Project

Department of Mines and Energy - Management Activities (3.7 mb)

Powerpoint presentation
Daly River Management Advisory Committee
19 September 2012

Final Fsanz Risk Assessment of Trace Elements in 2012 Edith River Fish Samples (221.7 kb)

PDF document - March 2012

Fish Survey Report 2008-2009 (1.8 mb)

Word document - June 2010

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