Redbank mine

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Site photos

Sandy Flat Copper Mine in operation (February 1996).Sandy Flat Pit containing little water in February 1996Sandy Flat Pit containing considerably more water 14 months later (May 1997).Assessing some of the impact from acid metalliferous drainage (AMD) at Echo Creek. (November 2003)Southern low flow (seepage collection) drain. (2004)Precipitate in the base of Hanrahans Pool (2011)Precipitate on the stream bed in Hanrahan’s Creek (2011)Confluence of 12 Mile Creek and Echo Creek, downstream of Redbank (2011)Copper precipitate in the former vat leach pond (2011)Staining in the creek bed (2011)View of the high flow diversion drain looking west (2012)Redbank plant area looking north-east (2012)Hanrahans Creek downstream of Hanrahans Pool (2012)Bleaching of the rock at Moonlight Falls (2013)View of the plant looking north (2013)On-site looking east across the tailings dam (2013)View of the heap leach ponds (2013)View of the Sandy Flat Pit with the inflow drain in the foreground (2013)View of the heap leach pad and associated irrigation system on the right and part of the tailings dam to the left (2013)View of the top of a heap leach pad, including the irrigation system (2013) View of the mine site looking north (2013).Hanrahans Pool during the dry season (August 2014)Downstream from Hanrahans Pool during the dry season (August 2014)
A section of Echo Creek showing dieback of vegetation. (October 2012)

Aerial photos

Aerial photograph of Redbank Mine, showing Hanrahan’s Pool in the foreground (July 2012).Aerial image of the Redbank Mine (2013)Aerial photograph taken during the wet season looking towards the south with Savannah Way in the foreground (January 2013)

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