Mining advisory committee

The Northern Territory Mining Board is established under Part 6 of the Mining Management Act.

The board became otherwise known as the Mining Advisory Committee in May 2015. 

It has functions and powers detailed in section 50 of the Act. This includes providing advice to the Minister on matters relevant to mining activities and their management.

The board may also be required to form a review panel if a person applies for review of a decision made under the Act by the Minister or his delegate.

The board also provides strategic advice on issues of relevance to mining to the Minister.

Members are appointed for their individual skills and knowledge of mining or related industries.

The current members were appointed by the Minister in May 2015 for a two-year period. They are: 

  • Chair – position vacant
  • Brian Fowler
  • Duncan Hedditch
  • Richard Jackson
  • Keith Joy
  • Andrea Sutton

Last updated: 27 March 2018