McArthur River Mine Independent Monitor

In 2006 the McArthur River Mine transitioned its operations from underground to open cut pit mining. A condition of the approval was the appointment of an independent environmental monitor for the life of the mine.

The Independent Monitoring Assessment Conditions are included in the mining Authorisation issued under the Mining Management Act 2001.

Read the Independent Monitoring Assessment Conditions.

The Independent Monitor represents an essential commitment of the Northern Territory Government to the community for independent oversight of environmental management and monitoring by both MRM as the operator, and the department as the regulator.

Role of Independent Monitor

The Independent Monitor is to provide an independent assessment of the environmental performance of the McArther River Mine by reviewing the activities of the Mine Operator (McArthur River Mining Pty Ltd) and the Mine Regulator (Department of Primary Industry and Resources).

Advisian Pty Ltd was appointed the Independent Monitor in December 2019. Advisian is part of the Worley Group and operates as an environmental consultancy with international standing.

Scope of Independent Monitor

The Independent Monitor’s services includes:

  • assessment of delivery against recommendations made by the Northern Territory Environmental Protection Agency (NT EPA)
  • environmental performance auditing for the period starting  April 2018 to ensure continuous scrutiny of both the Operator and the Regulator.

The Independent Monitor’s environmental performance assessment and audit is intended to provide transparency to the community regarding the:

  • actions the Regulator and the Operator undertake to maintain continuous improvement in the environmental performance of McArthur River Mine; and
  • achievement of the overarching environmental objective arising from the NT EPA assessment of the Overburden Management Project - protecting the health of McArthur River at all times.

Reports and documents


Appointment of the Independent Monitor

  • Appointment to the role of Independent Monitor occurs following a public call for tenders under NT government procurement processes.
  • Environmental Earth Sciences VIC acted as the Independent Monitor of the McArthur River Mine for the first five years.
  • ERIAS Group Pty Ltd was the Independent Monitor for a five-year period until December 2019.
  • Advisian Pty Ltd commenced a three contract as Independent Monitor in December 2019 with an option to extend service delivery to 2026.

Last updated: 16 September 2020

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