Mining environmental reports

Exploration mining operations in the Northern Territory (NT) must be authorised by the NT Government under the Mining Management Act (MMA). Read the law.

One of the conditions under the act is that the operator releases a public report of their activities.

The public report consists of the operator's exploration mining plan excluding any commercial in confidence material.

The report will be released upon approval of the mining management plan and published on the operator's website.

This change has been made in order to reduce the amount of government reporting required of industry.

Date report approved

Project name

Operator of project

2 June 2017North Batten Project (6.8 mb)MMG Exploration Pty Ltd
31 May 2017Rover ProjectCastile Resources Pty Ltd
18 May 2017Bynoe ProjectLiontown Resources Limited
13 April 2017

Tanami Regional Exploration Project (3.5 mb)

Northern Star (Tanami) Pty Ltd
7 April 2017 Tanami Exploration Project (25.1 mb) Newmont Tanami Pty Ltd
4 April 2017 The Lake Mackay Project Independence Group NL
20 March 2017 Barrow Creek Project Australian Minera Resources Pty Ltd
15 March 2017Lagoon Creek Project (2.3 mb)Lagoon Creek Resources Pty Ltd
15 March 2017Debbil Debbil Creek Project (3.3 mb)Lagoon Creek Resources Pty Ltd
15 March 2017 Survey Creek Project (776.4 kb) May Drilling Pty Ltd
16 February 2017 Browns Oxide Project – Diamond Drilling Program  Northern Territories Resources Pty Ltd
13 February 2017 Yalco Project (1.7 mb) Teck Australia Pty Ltd
7 February 2017 Westminster Project (2.6 mb) Truscott Mining Corporation Ltd
31 January 2017 Fenn Gap Project Genesis Resources Limited
18 January 2017 Bynoe Project 3 Kingston Resources Limited

18 January 2017

Bynoe Project 2 Kingston Resources Limited
18 January 2017 Bynoe Project 1 Kingston Resources Limited
17 January 2017 Quest 29 Project (1.7 mb) Primary Gold Limited
4 January 2017 Borroloola Project Sandfire Resources NL 
22 December 2016 Mount Porter Project Ark Mines Ltd
16 December 2016 Honcho Project Ark Mines Ltd
9 December 2016 Molyhil Mine Molyhil Mining Pty Ltd
8 December 2016

Warrego North Project

Appendix - Significant Flora and Fauna Memo

CGM (WA) Pty Ltd

5 December 2016

Mount Peake Project Enigma Mining Limited
24 November 2016 Frances Creek Exploration Project (17.5 mb) Territory Iron Pty Ltd
22 November 2016

Jervois Range Project (2.3 mb)

Kentor Minerals (NT) Pty Ltd
22 November 2016 Chandler Project Tellus Holdings Ltd
10 November 2016 (2ndAmendment) Highland Rocks Project Ramelius Resources Ltd
10 November 2016 Tanami Project Ramelius Resources Ltd
1 November 2016 Moline Project PNX Metals Limited
28 October 2016 Rustlers Roost Project (1.4 mb) Primary Gold Limited
October 2016 Zola Project Core Exploration
October 2016 Litchfield Project Core Exploration

4 October 2016

Bynoe Project Liontown Resources Limited
4 October 2016 Finniss Project Core Exploration  Ltd
September 2016 Finniss Project Core Exploration Ltd
29 September 2016 Florina Project (2.8 mb) Tracker Geoservices Pty Ltd
26 September 2016 Carrara Project (759.6 kb) Teck Australia Pty Ltd
21 September 2016 Cato Plateau Project (1.1 mb) Rio Tinto Exploration Pty. Limited
9 September 2016

Lake Mackay Project

Independence Group NL
August 2016 Litchfield Lithium Project Monax Mining Limited

18 July 2016

Spring Hill Gold Project (9.8 mb)

Addendum to the Mining Management Plan: Waste Processing and Mullock Rehabilitation

TM Gold Pty Ltd

Authorisation Number – 0871-01

Last updated: 26 June 2017