BeeConnected for Bee Protection


Beekeepers and farmers are being urged to use a mobile phone app to help prevent the death of bees.

Pollinator populations are declining at worrying rates across the globe, with pesticides one of the main causes.

Cotton Australia CEO Adam Kay said the BeeConnected tool enables collaboration between beekeepers, farmers, consultants and spray contractors for best practice in pollinator protection.

“Users registered on BeeConnected are alerted when beekeeping or crop protection activities are logged within a 10 kilometre radius,” he said.

“Two-way communication between neighbouring primary producers is key to respecting their ability to earn a decent income from their operation.

Australian Honey Bee Industry Council (AHBIC) Executive Director Trevor Weatherhead said it was particularly important for beekeepers and farmers to communicate when plants were flowering.

“This is when conditions are right for insects to forage,” he said. “It’s critical for all beekeepers, growers, consultants and spray applicators to be on BeeConnected to enable two-way communication.”

BeeConnected is available free on iPhone, Android and desktop computers and is run by CropLife Australia in partnership with AHBIC.

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