Parthenium found in the NT


Parthenium has been detected on Victoria River Research Station.

The Victoria River Research Station Manager found the parthenium plant on a vehicle track near a creekline and immediately reported to the Weeds Management Branch in Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR).

One plant was found and it was very close to seeding. The early detection was crucial in not allowing it to spread.

Parthenium is a Class A (to be eradicated) and Class C (not to be introduced) weed in the Northern Territory as well as being classified as a Weed of National Significance.

Parthenium is a major problem in rangelands and cropping areas of Queensland costing farmers and graziers more than $22 million a year in reduced production and increased management costs.

DENR has worked closely with the Department of Primary Industry and Resources to survey a 6km stretch of land around where the plant was discovered.

Vehicle movements have also been investigated with surveys of the department’s other research stations currently underway.

This detection highlights the importance of constant vigilance in managing weeds and maintaining good biosecurity, and the importance of reporting anything unusual.

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