National Banana Freckle Eradication Program


Did you have banana plants removed as part of the National Banana Freckle Eradication Program? If you had banana plants removed from your property you are eligible to participate in the sentinel planting program. Sentinel plants are an important step in checking that the Territory has successfully eradicated Banana Freckle.

What’s involved?

Participants will receive two banana plants to grow at your property. You will be issued a permit when you receive your plants. The remaining sentinel plants will be distributed in December and January 2017.

These plants will be inspected twice by Plant Health Inspectors for signs of banana freckle. The inspections will take place before April 2017.

Your participation will help prove we have successfully eradicated Banana Freckle from the Northern Territory. Eradication will mean that everyone can replant banana plants and we’ll be able to enjoy healthy bananas into the future.

To join the sentinel planting email with your name and address and Banana Freckle staff will get back to you, or call the Banana Freckle Hotline on 1800 771 163.

If you know someone who had banana plants removed and may like to be involved, please pass on the details to them.

Banana Plants

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