2017 Barkly Herd Management Forum


Brunchilly and Helen Springs stations recently hosted 17 keen future pastoral industry leaders for the 2017 Barkly Herd Management Forum.

The leading hands, head stockmen and assistant managers had travelled from across the Barkly to listen to some of Australia’s leading industry speakers talk about best practice management options, animal husbandry, heifer and breeder management, animal welfare, rangeland management and profitability and efficiency in business.

The course format combined theoretical and practical sessions as well as group discussions. At the conclusion of the event participants stated that they looked forward to applying the skills they had learned over the two days.

The Barkly Herd Management Forum has been running every two years since 2004 and bridges the gap in training between entry level station staff and managers, allowing the opportunity to learn and build the skills base required as these future pastoral industry leaders move their way up the management ladder. The event was booked out several months ago indicating industry’s recognition of the value of such rare opportunities.

The department would like to thank S. Kidman Co. for hosting the event, Meat & Livestock Australia for their generous sponsorship, the speakers for travelling from all across Australia, Nicole and Tarea for ensuring that everyone was well fed, and last but not least, the participants for their eagerness to learn and try new things.

Participants viewed a procedure demonstration

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