Next step for Berrimah Export Yards upgrade


An Expression of Interest (EOI) for civil works contract was advertised last week for the upgrade to the Berrimah Export Yards (BEY).

These upgrades will help provide opportunities for local jobs and work for Territorians.

The Northern Territory Livestock Exporters Association (NTLEA) has already begun work with a Territory engineering company to complete the planning.

The Northern Territory Government supports the live export industry as one of the main economic drivers of the Northern Territory economy and is committed to the upgrades of these yards as it recognises the economic value of collating animals in a single location prior to export for treatment, quarantine, and pre feeding with fodder as used in shipping.

To the end of April this year, there have been 38 shipments totalling 91,000 head of cattle out of the Territory. This upgrade will help support industry and ongoing adherence to live export best practices.

The $4.1M for upgrading the BEY will include:

  • Survey, engineering and application fees;
  • Excavation and fill areas to provide hard stand flooring and adequate drainage and ensure site preparations for construction;
  • Construct two roof only sheds over the yards to mitigate concerns around mud in the wet season and provide shade,
  • Construct new yards and associated feed and water troughs under each of the two roofed areas to hold 4000 head; and
  •  Carry out landscaping for privacy and protection along Wishart and  Berrimah Roads

It is anticipated that construction works will be completed by 31 December 2017. The development application is currently on display for comment.

An expression of interest for the structural works contract is expected to be issued in June.

Berrimah Export Yards
Berrimah Export Yards

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