Pipeline Licence granted for Northern Gas Pipeline project

The Pipeline Licence for the significant Jemena Northern Gas Pipeline project has been approved by the Northern Territory Government.

A consent to construct the Phillip Creek Station Compressor Facility, north of Tennant Creek has also been granted.

This project has been estimated to will generate around 900 jobs during construction and will support Government’s plans to develop Tennant Creek as a resources industry services hub.

A thorough assessment of the Pipeline Management Plan, including the Environmental Management Plan, has been undertaken, which included an independent review.

The independent NT Environmental Protection Authority assessed the Northern Gas Pipeline’s Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and considers that the Project can be managed in a manner that avoids unacceptable significant environmental impacts.

The NT EPA made eight recommendations as part of its EIS assessment, all of which have been addressed as part of the Pipeline Management Plan and associated Environmental Management Plan for this section of the project.

The recommendations from the Commonwealth environmental regulator have also been addressed as part of the Pipeline Management Plan.

The project’s Environmental Management Plan is available from the Department of Primary Industry and Resources website and regular updates on compliance and enforcement of the Environmental Management Plan will occur throughout the project.