Annual bull sale a success

The highest selling bull went for $9,050 in the Department of Primary Industry and Resources’ (DPIR) annual online bull auction on 20 June.

DPIR Pastoral Research Officer Whitney Dollemore said it was a good sale with 72 of the 79 bulls auctioned selling at an average price of $3,184.

“The bulls are a year older this year and there was more demand for the product, which has driven up the price when compared to previous years’ sales,” she said.

“While we’d ideally like to have sold all the bulls that were up for auction, we are pretty happy with the price that the bulls sold for this year.”

Sixty Brahman bulls were available for sale this year along with 19 of the department’s Composite bulls.

The Composite is comprised of 56% Brahman, 12% Afrikander, 12% Tuli, and 6% each of Charolais, Hereford and Shorthorn.

The top selling bull, a 404kg black Brahman, had a birth weight estimated breeding value (EBV) of -0.5, a days to calving EBV of -13.9, and a scrotal size of 36cm (EBV +4.9)

Ms Dollemore said the department has been breeding Brahman bulls for fertility since 1994 and Composite bulls since 2004, with around 180 bulls produced through the program each year.

“These bulls have been bred and raised to be highly fertile and flourish in local conditions,” she said.

“In one of the harshest environments in northern Australia it is important to have the right bulls to create cows that will readily reconceive after calving and males with above average growth to 18 months on native pastures on a standard supplement regimen.”

The online auction was conducted by AuctionsPlus. This is the fourth year DPIR’s annual bull sale has been conducted online.

Some of the Brahman bulls that were auctioned. Photo credit: ABC - Daniel Fitzgerald
Some of the Brahman bulls that were auctioned. Photo credit: ABC - Daniel Fitzgerald