Consent granted for next stage of Northern Gas Pipeline

Consent to construct the first 344km portion of Jemena’s Northern Gas Pipeline (NGP) project has been approved.

This follows consent to construct the Phillip Creek Station Compressor Station, which was granted on 2 May 2017.

The project is one of the Northern Territory Government’s key platforms for the development of Tennant Creek as a mining services centre for the Territory.

Work will begin on this portion as soon as practicable with about 900 jobs expected to be generated.  

It is expected 240km of the pipe – which spans from north-west of Tennant Creek to west of the Queensland border – will be laid this year.

Jemena’s Environmental Management Plan (EMP) is available on the Jemena website or the department's website.

The pipeline licence for the Northern Gas Pipeline project was granted on 26 April 2017. Consent to construct the pipeline is being granted in stages with the first consent to construct for the Phillip Creek compressor station granted on May 2, and this next stage progresses the project further.

Regular updates on compliance and enforcement of the Environmental Management Plan will occur throughout the project.