Study to assess impact of wild dogs on beef herds


The department is conducting research to assess the impact of wild dogs within beef breeding herds in the Northern Territory (NT). The results could be considered by industry in the future development of best practice guidelines.

As well as production losses from predation, attacks from wild dogs are a serious animal welfare issue with surviving calves often left with severe injuries.

The project’s wild dog data management system allows NT stations to contribute data on the percentage of mauled calves and weaners presenting at muster with sign of non-fatal wild dog attack. Paddock and wild dog attack data can be entered here.

The study also aims to describe the different management strategies applied to wild dogs across the NT and to investigate their impact on wild dog attack rates. Data on a property’s management strategy to manage wild dogs can be entered here.

Staff from the Departments of Primary Industry and Resources and Environment and Natural Resources are collaboratively undertaking this study.

View more information about the study.

More information on wild dog management is available at

For further information, contact:

Kieren McCosker
Beef Production Scientist
Department of Primary Industry and Resources

Will Dobbie
Research Officer
Department of Environment and Natural Resources

A wild dog with cattle in the NT

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