Fruit fly found in Ti Tree


An outbreak of fruit fly has been declared in the Ti Tree area and eradication activities have started.

A small number of Queensland fruit fly (Bactrocera tryoni complex) have been detected in Ti Tree as part of routine monitoring in the Ti Tree fruit fly exclusion zone.
The area around Ti Tree has previously been declared free of Queensland fruit fly and has been established as a fruit fly exclusion zone. It has regular trapping and monitoring in place to ensure it can maintain this status.
Local growers have been notified about the detection and provided with information about surveillance activities and steps they can take to reduce the risk of fruit fly.
The department is working with local growers and industry groups to conduct surveillance in the local area and remove any larvae or potential host material.

Ti Tree growers are being encouraged to clean up all fallen and unharvested fruit and vegetables that can act as a host for fruit fly as soon as possible.
All produce collected should be deep buried and covered with soil. Smaller quantities of produce can be placed in double plastic bags, sealed and placed in the sun for 3 to 4 days, then deep buried.
Additional traps are being placed in the area and monitored weekly. The department will work with local growers to identify options for local support to manage and monitor the traps.
Current area freedom accreditations for Ti Tree have been suspended. Fruit is not currently being distributed from Ti Tree, so the temporary suspension of accreditation is not expected to impact local producers at this stage.
Queensland fruit fly is native in northern Australia and is a major horticultural pest.
Read more about Queensland fruit fly from Plant Health Australia.

Fruit fly highway sign indicating fruit fly free zone

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