Banana freckle eradication program enters final phase


Banana permits and zone movement restrictions have today been lifted in the Northern Territory.

The decision marks the start of phase four of the banana freckle eradication program and means Territorians no longer need a permit to purchase, grow, sell or move bananas within the Territory.

The Northern Territory has not, however, been declared banana freckle free and it’s important that good biosecurity practices are maintained. Unnecessarily moving and sharing banana plants should still be avoided.

Anyone who notices any sign of banana freckle or any other pests or diseases should report it to 1800 771 163.

As part of the final banana freckle eradication phase more than 300 properties will be inspected.

Permits are still required to move bananas into or out of the Territory.

For the latest information on the banana freckle eradication program visit

Banana plantation

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