Big Rivers agribusiness potential identified


The potential for new and expanded crops and agricultural development in the Katherine and Big Rivers regions is the focus of the new document, Agribusiness Potential of the Big Rivers Region.

The first-of-its-kind document was launched at an event in Katherine on Wednesday 1 November and identifies the opportunities in the Big Rivers region, as well as challenges to development and growth and what the Northern Territory Government is doing to address them.

It paints a picture of the real opportunity in the region based on the soils, water, climate, markets and willingness of regional stakeholders to invest their time, money and energy.

It will be used to attract investors to join with government and Katherine regional stakeholders to develop the agribusiness potential of the region.

Agribusiness is a strong, stable contributor to the Northern Territory economy and plans to capitalise on the potential and opportunities in the Big Rivers region will support the development of the Katherine Agribusiness and Logistics Hub, a key priority of government.

Katherine is a key agribusiness centre for the Territory and creating a logistics hub near the township will support the growth of agribusiness as well as the mining, transport and tourism industries.

The document was developed in consultation with NT Farmers Association, NT Cattlemen’s Association, the Katherine Region Economic Development Committee and regional stakeholders.

Photo of a crop irrigation system

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