Consultation open for poultry standards


Consultation is now open for the community to have their say on the draft Australian Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines for Poultry and the associated Regulation Impact Statement (RIS).

This provides an opportunity to contribute to the conversation on poultry welfare in Australia, and the move from the existing voluntary system to national regulation of poultry welfare standards.

Once finalised, the Australian Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines for Poultry will provide the basis for new regulation in regards to poultry welfare for producers and the wider community.

The draft document provides welfare guidance on 10 different aspects of animal husbandry specific to the poultry industry.

The standards will apply to all poultry in Australia. ‘Poultry’ are defined within this document as the following bird species reared or bred in captivity

  • chickens
  • ducks
  • emus
  • geese
  • guinea fowl
  • ostriches
  • partridges
  • pheasants
  • pigeons
  • quail
  • turkeys

Industry and the community are asked to provide input on the draft document.

The public consultation period ends at 5pm on Monday 26 February 2018, after which submissions will be reviewed by an independent consultant and revised welfare standards developed for consideration by the Stakeholder Advisory Group.

Further details can be found at the Australian Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines website. It’s important to remember that properties with poultry must be registered with a Property Identification Code (PIC), so that properties can be located quickly in the event of a disease being detected. Registration is free and can be completed online at


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