New Land Use Maps for the Northern Territory

Newly updated land use maps covering the Northern Territory’s (NT) 1.35 million square kilometres are now available.

The new maps will assist the agricultural sector make informed decisions about what crops to grow, where to grow them, and the availability of water. The maps detail how much land, and which areas, are devoted to horticulture, urban areas, Aboriginal uses, forestry, animal industries and more.

The maps detail the extent of agricultural and horticultural crops across the NT, providing critical information relating to biosecurity risk management and emergency disease preparedness. In the event of a biosecurity incursion, potentially affected crops can be quickly identified and located, and measures taken to respond.

The location, land use and photographs were recorded at 2847 sites across the NT to detail how land is being used.

The Department of Primary Industry and Resources (DPIR) and the Northern Territory Farmers Association collaborated with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) to collect the field data required to build the new maps.

The maps are now available at the NRMaps web portal.

How to access information for Northern Territory Land Use Mapping Project 2016

Review Land Use Classes using NR Maps web application

Image of three people consulting land use maps