New project agreement signed for Rum Jungle

The final stage of rehabilitation planning for the former Rum Jungle mine site near Batchelor is now underway.

A project agreement for stage 2A has been signed between the Northern Territory and Australian governments, with the Australian Government committing $10 million to the latest stage of the project.

The project agreement focuses on verification of the engineering design for the rehabilitation work, and maintenance work on the rock dump cover system at Rum Jungle Creek South.

The Northern Territory has been working closely with the Australian Government and Traditional Owners, the Kungarakan and Warai people, since 2009 to develop a preferred rehabilitation strategy for the site.

Rum Jungle is culturally significant to the Kungarakan and Warai and the Department of Primary Industry and Resources has worked closely with Traditional Owners to develop a rehabilitation strategy consistent with their views and interests.

Tenders will soon be let for field work including engineering design, drilling, flora and fauna surveys, contaminated land assessment and geochemical field trials.

Information about the current Rum Jungle rehabilitation project, as well the history of the site and previous rehabilitation work, is available on the department’s website.

An old drill rig at Rum Jungle
An old drill rig at Rum Jungle