Prepare your pets for the Wet season


Cyclone season officially starts in November, and now is the time for Territorians to begin to plan and prepare for a cyclone and other potential emergencies.

It is important to plan ahead during the cyclone season, and that means planning for your household, including dogs, cats, horses and livestock.

Pet owners should start preparing an emergency kit for their pets now, just like they should have a cyclone kit for themselves and their family.

Pet emergency kits should include enough food and drinking water to last three days, a bowl, medication and vet records, a leash/harness or carrier, bedding and toys if practical, and an up-to-date photo of your pet so they can be more easily identified if they get lost.

Now is also the time to ensure your pet’s registration and microchip details are up to date.

Animals cannot be taken into public emergency shelters so if your home is not built to code you may need to take your pets and shelter with friends, or go to one of the public carpark shelters where you can shelter in your car with your pets. The locations of public shelters and car park shelters are available on the SecureNT website.

For horses and livestock, assess whether the environment will be safe for them during a cyclone or severe storm and for three days afterwards. If they are required to be moved to a safer place, do so early to avoid unnecessary risk to you or your animals.

If horses are left during a cyclone, leave them in a well-constructed stable if possible, with the surrounding area well secured and loose objects stored or tied down. For livestock in a paddock, the fences need to be in good repair so animals can’t bolt if they are frightened. Stock registers and Property Identification Code (PICs) should be up to date.

To find your nearest cyclone shelter or carpark shelter visit If you are concerned about an animal’s welfare, call Animal Welfare on 1300 720 386.

Black labrador called Maddy
Maddy's owner has included provisions for her in the family's cyclone kit

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