Pets in cyclones

Resources aimed at keeping animals safe in emergencies

Do you have a plan for keeping your animals safe in an emergency?

With the onset of cyclone season, the Animal Welfare Branch is reminding all animal carers to make preparations to ensure animals stay out of harm’s way. Just as you plan to stockpile food and other necessities for yourself or for your family, you need to plan for the continued wellbeing of animals in your care.

SecureNT is your online source for information on keeping your pets safe during cyclone season. You’ll find information, factsheets and checklists on:

  • what to pack in your emergency pet pack
  • what to do if you’re staying home with your pets
  • going to shelters
  • managing horses and livestock
  • leaving pets behind.

There is also a pets are present sticker that can be printed and placed on a front door in the event pets are left in an evacuated house. Leaving pets at home should be a last resort when it’s not possible to move them in advance. This sticker was developed following the Daly River floods, when Animal Welfare Officers patrolled the township on the lookout for domestic animals that had been left behind.

Visit SecureNT to make sure you’re prepared to keep your pets safe during cyclone season.

Pets in Cyclones