McArthur River Mine additional water release amendment

An amendment has been approved to McArthur River Mine’s (MRM) existing Mine Management Plan that will allow the operator to improve contaminated water management at the site.

This amendment approval will allow MRM to transfer treated water from an additional release point in Little Barney Creek.

The combined discharge from the existing and newly approved release points is needed to proactively and safely manage the large amount of water that MRM generates through dewatering activities to maintain dry workable conditions in the open pit, and seasonal monsoonal rainfall.

Under its previous approvals, MRM was authorised to transfer treated water via a different process from its treated water holding structure, known as the Water Management Dam, to an approved release point (Mine Levee Release Point – MLRP) via a 5km pipeline.

The conditions of discharge are managed and regulated under a DENR-issued Waste Discharge Licence.

Decreasing the water inventory at MRM by maximising offsite water discharge under controlled conditions is supported by the independent monitor for MRM in the recently released annual environmental performance report for the site.