Prepare your pets for Territory Day


The Northern Territory Government reminds you to ensure your furry friends are safe and cared for this Territory Day – Monday 1 July 2019. All pet owners have responsibility for the welfare, health and safety of their pets.

Animals have far more sensitive hearing than humans, so explosions sound louder to them. Dogs and other animals may be frightened, confused and stressed by loud noises from fireworks. This could cause them to panic and hurt themselves or run away, so ensure you pet is secure.

Please ensure your pets are microchipped and registered with your local council and that you have a plan in place if you are leaving your pets at home alone on Territory Day. Consider putting your pet in a travel crate in a quiet area, with curtains closed, air conditioning on, and soothing music playing.

If you are concerned about an animal’s welfare you can report it to Animal Welfare on 1300 720 386. Further information about caring for pets or being a responsible pet owner is available.

Dogs and Fireworks

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