Northern Territory’s kaffir lime leaves return to interstate markets and restaurants


Commercial kaffir lime leaf growers in the Northern Territory (NT) can sell their leaves interstate again, after procedures for the monitoring, treatment and packing of kaffir lime leaves were agreed by the Australian, state and territory governments.

Movement and quarantine restrictions on citrus fruit and products, including kaffir lime leaves, were introduced in the NT in April 2018 to control the spread of the citrus canker disease.

The approved protocol for sending kaffir lime leaves interstate provides confidence to interstate markets and industries that there is no risk of the leaves carrying the citrus canker disease and assures protection of Australia’s $798 million citrus industry from citrus canker.

The first consignment of kaffir lime leaves was shipped to NSW on 13 May 2019. Additional consignments are planned for this week.

The NT Government worked closely with growers, NT Farmers, industry and interstate governments over many months to develop and reach agreement on the procedures for movement of kaffir lime leaves.

Kaffir lime leaves are a high-quality, in-demand NT product, harvested year-round and with an estimated annual value of $250,000 in the Darwin region.

Kaffir Lime Leaf

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