Prepare your pets for the wet season


Cyclone season has officially begun, so now is the time to start preparing for the wet season.

It is important to start planning now for your family,  including your pets and any livestock, by developing a cyclone kit.

Now is the time to also prepare in advance for any travel  and have a plan in place for your family and animals.

If you have horses or livestock, assess whether their  environment will be safe for them during a cyclone, flooding or severe storms  and for up380348380348 to three days afterwards.

If you leave your livestock in a paddock, the fences need to  be in good repair so animals can’t bolt if they are frightened. Brand registers  should be up to date. For more information on brand registers visit the Northern Territory Government website.

Remember that animals are not allowed in cyclone shelters.  If your house is cyclone coded and pets are to be left at home, confine them in  a small, darkened room with plenty of food and water. Do not tie them up.

Ensure your cyclone kit is prepared for yourself and your  pets, which includes enough food and drinking water to last three days, a bowl,  medication and vet records, a leash/harness or carrier, bedding and toys if  practical.

To find your nearest cyclone shelter or carpark shelter or  to find out further details about what to do to prepare for the wet season go to SecureNT.

Pets in cyclones

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