Territory mangoes hit US shelves


Mango madness is a thing – and now Los Angeles locals can see for themselves!

With the help of the Department of Primary Industry and Resources (DPIR), the first Aussie Kensington Pride mangoes for the season arrived in LA a few days ago, all the way from Katherine.

Manbulloo Limited has been perfecting its supply chain over the past four years, with DPIR providing pre-export technical support including market access, packaging and logistics.

The comprehensive project culminated in the successful shipment of a high quality product to stores nearly 13,000 kilometres away.

The Territory supplies over 50% of Australian mangoes and the current industry forecast has the 2019 season on track for a 4% increase on 2018.

In a typical season NT mangoes are exported to New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates, Unites States, Japan, China, South Korea and Europe.

L to R: Ms Donna Slevin, Rural Bank; Ms Laureta Wallace, NFF; Ms Linda Lee

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