Berrimah Farm Science Precinct


Redevelopment of the Berrimah Farm site is underway and northern Australia will soon benefit from the new Berrimah Farm Science Precinct.

Construction of the new field laboratory kicked off the multi-staged program of works that will form part of the most modern agricultural science precinct in northern Australia.

The $31.5 million investment will provide the Northern Territory with an epicentre of excellence for agricultural research and diagnostics, as well as providing additional capacity for biosecurity incursion response beneficial for all of northern Australia.

A tender for the construction of a Molecular Diagnostic Wing was also released recently, with plans for the joint venture between the Department of Primary Industry and Resources (DPIR) and the Australian Government building to house a purpose-built Quarantine Containment Level 3 (QC3) facility.

The QC3 facility will be part of a biosecurity diagnostic laboratory that will be capable of hosting a biosecurity response with appropriate containment levels in the event of an incursion.

The final stage of the redevelopment is the proposed Science Services Building.

Replacing the existing Berrimah Agriculture Laboratory, the building will be the only facility in northern Australia, private or public, with the planned level of capability for plant and animal sciences.

The Northern Territory’s agricultural industries were valued at $763 million in 2018-19 and has been recognised as a priority sector for growing the economy.

This investment demonstrates the support for a sector that is essential to grow the Territory’s economy. The redevelopment will ensure that DPIR is supported to continue to facilitate and drive sustainable, profitable development of primary industries underpinned by robust biosecurity and animal welfare practices.

Berrimah Farm Science Precinct
Berrimah Farm Science Precinct

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