Thamarrurr rangers lead the way


The marine ranger team recently travelled out to Wadeye, 400km South West of Darwin, to work with the Thamarrurr Rangers.

The Thamarrur Rangers patrol approximately 200km of coast  line and represent over 20 clan groups. The rangers took ranger vessels Yenge  and Warlmarr out and undertook a coastal surveillance patrol, a land patrol to  several nearby beaches, creeks and outstation and conducted clean ups of these  areas.

These marine rangers consistently apply best practice planning  and reporting of their patrol activity and ensure their vessels and vehicles  are well maintained and operation ready. In recognition of their outstanding  performance and service to their community, the Thamarrurr mens rangers have  recently been nominated for an Indigenous Natural Resource Management Award.  Cariss Jones and Uriah Crocombe have been highlighted as the first locals in  the Thamarrur ranger program to hold senior leadership roles within the ranger  program.

The rangers currently have a new 7.6m custom works  interceptor vessel being built, due to arrive in the coming months which will  add significantly to their operational capacity.

Thamarrurr rangers

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