Finding oscar


Earlier this year, staff from our Fisheries Division conducted site inspections at Durack lake after an oscar (a non-native ornamental aquarium) fish was caught and released by an angler.

The Fisheries team were unable to locate and capture the elusive fish – until recently when it was spotted by avid angler, Rhys Shearer.

After a six day stakeout, Rhys captured the exotic fish and relocated it back to where it should be - in an aquarium!

This is another reminder not to dump your fish. Non-native fish pose a threat to our environment as they may compete with native fish for food, space, can alter the environment and can spread disease and parasites.

If you think you have seen a non-native fish in our waterways please contact our Aquatic Biosecurity unit on 0413 381 094 or email

Find out more about aquatic pests on the Northern Territory Government website.

Watch a short video MP4 (23.2 MB).

Durack Lakes - Invasive fish species

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