New broadacre farming project to boost local economy


Opportunities to boost commercial crops in the Northern Territory (NT), strengthen market supply and support the local economy have come to fruition during April with the release of under-utilised Douglas Daly Research Farm land, via license for commercial horticulture initiatives.

With the development of the Territory’s agribusiness sector in mind, approximately six percent of under-utilised land on the Douglas Daly Research Farm was deemed suitable based on its accessibility, access to water and existing infrastructure by the Department of Primary Industry and Resources, in consultation with NT Land Corporation.

Australian melon grower ‘Greenview Farm Pty Ltd,’ the successful commercial horticultural company awarded the licence agreement, brings significant expertise, local experience in agriculture and horticultural production and access to established markets.

‘Greenview Farm Pty Ltd’ will undertake broadacre farming activities on 200 hectares of land at the Douglas-Daly Research Farm under licence for a three-year period with an option to renew for another two years.

Activity is set to start soon in preparation for planting crops this dry season. The licence also provides ‘Greenview Farm Pty Ltd’ with an opportunity to expand winter production operations of melons and trialling other produce for domestic and international markets over the three-year licence period.

The project is expected to create significant job and training opportunities in the region, engaging local workforces and supply chain organisations, including Aboriginal enterprises, to contribute to developing the NT melon industry.

Research, development, and extension activities will continue on the Douglas Daly Research Farm, with a focus on beef cattle production from improved pasture production systems, investigating potential irrigated crops and fodder and diversification of pastoral land into more intensive agricultural production.

The Northern Territory Government is committed to providing opportunities to grow regional economies, increase jobs, and stimulate new agricultural enterprises.


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