On-Farm Emergency Water Rebate Scheme


Livestock farmers who are affected by drought can access financial support to improve drought resilience and manage the welfare of livestock under the On-Farm Emergency Water Rebate Scheme.

Set up costs for projects to supply water for animal welfare can be costly. The existing scheme covers a rebate for new water infrastructure projects for this purpose. In March 2020, the scheme was expanded to include costs in maintaining permanent horticulture plantings to improve drought resilience.

The rebate under the scheme is for 25% of the cost of any approved project. The maximum rebate, per financial year is $25,000.

The Scheme is funded by the Australian Government and administered in the Territory by the Department of Primary Industry and Resources (DPIR).

DPIR can provide advice and information relevant to managing pastoral land in the Territory, including grazing management, diversification and business models.

For more information on the new scheme and to apply go to the Northern Territory Government website.

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