Protecting our waterways


Earlier this year, staff from the Department of Primary Industry and Resources (DPIR) Fisheries Division conducted site inspections at Durack lake after an oscar (non-native ornamental aquarium) fish was caught by an angler.

Non-native fish pose a threat to our environment as they may compete with native fish for food and space and can spread disease and parasites that alter the environment.

Using video surveillance consisting of four baited remote underwater videos, we were able to view an abundance of native fish and turtles but no oscar. Following these results, DPIR then carried out a survey using an electrofishing boat to capture fish, assess the fish stocks and determine if any non-native fish or aquatic pests were in the lake. The electrofishing boat swept the lake several times, focusing on likely fish habitats to ensure a representative sample was collected for analysis.

Barramundi, yellow faced turtles and swamp eels were among the many different native fish species found however no non-native fish were found. DPIR continues to monitor the lakes on a regular basis and new ’don’t dump your fish‘ signage is being installed.

Contact our Fisheries Division for a copy of the Electrofishing report.

Electrofishing Durack

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