Primary industry

  • AgriFutures NT Rural Women’s Award 2020
    The AgriFutures™ Rural Women’s Award is Australia’s leading award acknowledging and supporting the essential role women play in rural industries, businesses and communities.
  • Agriculture
    Find out about biosecurity, quarantine, plant and animal health, livestock, land, pastoral farming, crops and horticulture, field days and agricultural developments.
  • Animal Welfare Branch
    Animal Welfare Authority is responsible for making sure animal owners follow the rules, and appoints welfare inspectors and officers to ensure that animals are treated humanely, prevent cruelty to animals and promote community awareness about the welfare of animals.
  • Laboratory services
    Information about Northern Territory laboratory services.
  • Primary industry publications
    Newsletter subscriptions, annual reports, technical information, enterprise and market development, vegetable field guide, freedom of information.
  • Primary industry strategies, projects and research
    Read about the department's primary industry strategies, projects and research.
  • Agriculture webinars
    Access the agriculture webinars aimed at helping growers keep abreast of national and local agricultural projects.

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