Water laboratories

The department operates three water laboratories; a water chemistry and water microbiology laboratory at the Berrimah Farm premises in Darwin and a water microbiology laboratory located at the Arid Zone Research Institute (AZRI) in Alice Springs. The AZRI laboratory also operates a sample forwarding service to Darwin for water chemistry testing.

The laboratories provide services to the Power and Water Corporation, government agencies, private enterprise and members of the public.

The services available are limited to a specific range of analyses in microbiology and chemistry on potable, wastewater and environmental water samples.

Testing and services

The Darwin and Alice Springs water laboratories are accredited by the National Association of Testing Authorities. For information about the scope of accreditation, please click on the accreditation numbers in the table below.

The laboratories provide advice and assistance with:

  • water quality monitoring
  • water sample collection
  • water sample transport logistics
  • and the rectification of water quality problems including disinfection of potable water.

The laboratories also function as a referral service for water quality issues; directing enquiries to the appropriate government or private agency.

Laboratory location Accreditation number Phone number Field of testing
Alice Springs (water microbiology) 15489

08 8951 8110

Darwin (water microbiology) 15606 08 8999 2347 Bacteriological
Darwin (water chemistry) 15104 08 8999 2194 or
08 8999 2196
Physical and inorganic chemical including nutrients and biochemical oxygen demand in waste water. 

Collecting and submitting water samples

For advice about collecting and submitting samples (including submission forms), please review the Sample Submission Guide (1.6 mb).

Please contact the laboratories before collecting or submitting any samples.

Fees and conditions

Work is performed on a fee-for-service basis and is available to government, corporate and private clients. Prices are subject to change and administration fees for handling and transport of samples may apply. You must pay in advance unless you have a current credit arrangement with the Department of Primary Industry and Resources.

Refer to the Sample Submission Guide (1.6 mb) for services, fees, terms and conditions.


Last updated: 16 August 2019