Where can you use your brand (branding iron) in the NT?

Check your Certificate of Registration, Certificate of Transfer of Brand or check on the NT Brands Register search database http://brand.primaryindustry.nt.gov.au/ to find answers to these common questions:

What property is your three-letter brand and/or distinctive (symbol) brand registered for use on?

Are you only branding cattle and/or horses on the property/run written on your Certificate of Registration?

What to do if?

  • you are using your brand on a different property/run (than where it is registered for use on) you must complete the Request to Change the Run form.
  • If you are not the owner of the property or run, you must have the owner complete the Owner's Permission to Use Run form (to accompany application for three-letter brand or Transfer Brand or Change the Run).
  • the registered owner of brand has changed (by marriage, individuals to business or company, etc.) you must complete an Application for Transfer of Brand form.
  • the brand is no longer being used or no longer required; you should complete the Application for Cancellation of Brand. Please note: all registered owners of the brand must sign this form.
  • you need to update your contact details - please complete the NT Brands Register – Update your Contact details form.

Please remember

  • a brand is registered to a person or company for use on a nominated NT property only
  • under no circumstances are NT brands to be used on another property without special permission from the Registrar (together with owner’s permission to use the run)
  • this means the brand can be used only by the registered owner (or their representative) on the registered NT property as stated on the Certificate of Registration or the Certificate of Transfer of Brand
  • it does not restrict branded cattle being registered on other properties.
  • to brand on a NT property not registered with the Registrar is an offence under the Livestock Regulations may incur a penalty.

Please note: If any brand needs to be cancelled, ownership changed, run changed or there are questions concerning the brand/s, in the first instance, please contact your Livestock Biosecurity Officer for advice and assistance.  All forms are located on nt.gov.au

Last updated: 30 April 2020

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