Expanding knowledge about Northern Territory primary industries

By Meg Humphrys, Pastoral Extension Officer

Department of Primary Industry and Resources staff collaborated with the Arid Lands Environment Centre to run interactive workshops for primary school students at the DesertSMART EcoFair this month.

Department of Primary Industry and Resources staff Meg Humphrys, Pastoral Extension Officer, and Sarah Tsai, Mining Officer, ran eight workshops over Thursday 8 August and Friday 9 August with students from schools around Alice Springs. The workshops were well received by students and teachers, with sessions booking out in advance.

The students learned about the different cattle breeds in the Northern Territory (NT) and why they are suited to certain locations. For example, Brahman are better adapted to heat and ticks and best suited to the northern export market, while Herefords and Shorthorn are suited to the Alice Springs region because they are not tick-resistant, the climate is right for them and their meat is better suited to the southern markets in South Australia and Victoria.

The students were also introduced to the different fruits and vegetables that are grown in Central Australia and the three production districts – Ali Curung, Ti Tree and Alice Springs.

As part of the workshop, students were given maps and asked to apply stickers of each fruit, vegetable and cattle variety in the areas of the NT that they are grown. The activity improved their geography skills as well as general science and agricultural knowledge. The students were able to take the maps home to show their families what they learned and spread awareness in the community about the NT’s primary industries.

Last updated: 28 September 2020

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