Importing plants or plant products into the NT?

Have you got an import permit and/or plant health certificate?

Import permits

Examples of plants needing import permits include:

  • avocado plants
  • banana plants
  • plantain, manila hemp
  • grapevine material
  • potatoes (planting)
  • soybeans
  • turf
  • soil, compost, potting mix
  • plant materials for diagnostic and lab testing.

Examples of used machinery and equipment needing import permits include:

  • all used agricultural and earthmoving equipment and machinery
  • ploughs and seeders
  • tractors
  • harvesters
  • bulldozers
  • pruning shears
  • picking poles
  • grape related machinery/equipment/tools
  • other plant related packaging, pellets and plant equipment.

Plant health or plant health assurance certificate

Examples of plants plant health or plant health assurance certificates include:

  • plants (household / potted / nursery) plants general (not otherwise specified)
  • fruit and vegetables
  • maize seed
  • peanut seed
  • citrus and fortunella plants
  • papaya plants
  • passionfruit plants
  • untreated pinewood, seasoned pinewood or pinewood articles and firewood from Western Australia.

More information

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  • Katherine 08 8973 9704
  • Alice Springs 08 8951 8166
  • General email:

Last updated: 28 September 2020

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