Horticulture investment guide to Central Australia released

A comprehensive Central Australia horticulture growth prospectus has been developed by the Department of Primary Industry and Resources in consultation with the Central Australian Development Office (CADO) to support investors in Central Australia, with a focus on the diversification of crops and unique opportunities to the region.

The prospectus highlights the Territory’s distinct market advantage in Australian markets as well as overseas markets with counter-seasonal opportunities. The Territory’s abundant land, where suitable water and soil resources co-exist, offers significant potential for further horticulture development. Central Australia offers a unique combination of sunshine, low humidity, cool winter temperatures and freedom from most pests and diseases.

The prospectus covers all the water control districts in Central Australia including Alice Springs, Ti Tree, Western Davenport, Tennant Creek and the Great Artesian Basin. It details local information on:

  • climate conditions
  • water quality and availability
  • advantages of Central Australia for investment
  • potential crops
  • key infrastructure
  • topography
  • key precincts for development.

Download a copy or find out more at the DPIR Plant Industries Development web page.

Horticulture investment guide to Central Australia

Last updated: 07 August 2019